Darina Khafizova was born in Ukraine and bred in Brooklyn — Bensonhurst, Brooklyn to be exact. Apple usually autocorrects Darina’s name to Adrian, which is fitting since her parents were really excited to have another boy. They were also really excited for her to become a successful lawyer, but she became a copywriter and the lost cause of the family instead. Still, her parents display her awards from Cannes, D&AD, ADC, One Show and Young Guns in their living room. Most lawyers probably don’t have fancy trophies and that helps them sleep at night.

When she's not coming up with brilliant ideas, she’s learning Beyonce’s choreography in hopes of one day becoming her back up dancer. Bet her parents would really love that.

Darina is currently a Senior Copywriter at Publicis.

For any inquiries, contact her here: khafizova.darina@gmail.com (Preferably after she’s had her morning coffee, thanks!)